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Easy Edit Links WordPress Plugin - shows a list of post links with edit buttons
The main Easy Edit Links module, showing posts in the page/post edit screen

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Kalin’s Easy Edit Links is a simple WordPress Plugin that adds a convenient little box to your page/post edit screen that contains a list of all pages, posts, tags, categories and links, with edit buttons for each and a link to the actual live page for easy copying and pasting (Google Chrome and Safari users can even drag and drop).

This plugin contains a self-caching feature so that the HTML code does not need to be recompiled every time the box is displayed, making it surprisingly light-weight.

I’ve implemented a cleanup procedure, put in security nonces, always work with debug mode turned on and otherwise follow WordPress’ recommended coding proceedures (though I’m bad about internationalization).

For any bug reports or feature requests, feel free to make a comment on this page.

Posts tagged ‘Easy Edit Links’:

Screenshot of the main settings page


Possible Future Features:
Sort options – according to WordPress documentation, I can sort the database call for pages and posts by about 15 different options so I should add a dropdown for this on the settings page.

List PDF files – I want to add something that will sense if you have Kalin’s PDF Creation Station installed and if so, it’ll add another optional type to list your PDF files.


4 thoughts on “Easy Edit Links WordPress Plugin”

  1. Hello,
    Have you offer change attachments link address or folder address way? So I sometimes change save attachments folder name or change to other address. I have no find any easy plugin to do this.

    1. Thanks, Sara – hope it works out for you. Funny coincidence that you’re the first commenter on this plugin and you posted this just a few minutes after I finished working on the next version. V 1.0, which adds support for custom post types, attachments, and the ability to customize the order and display of the different types. I should release that maybe tomorrow, assuming my bug-checking goes okay.

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