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Science VS. Faith – Some examples of how science and faith are actually used in the real world.

22 Ways Religion Promotes Crime – A simple list of reasons why religion promotes crime, violence, and other types of anti-social behavior.

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Isaac Zamora:

The Zamora family lived next door to me for about ten years as I was growing up. They introduced me to religion and God and throughout my childhood served as my primary example of a proper Christian family. Fifteen years after I moved away, on September 2, 2008, Isaac Zamora, the younger of the two Zamora boys, murdered six people in the name of Jesus on the street where we grew up, including a sheriff’s deputy and a couple people I remember from childhood. At his hearing, all Isaac said was “I listen to God. I kill for God.”

Middle Finger Justice – A true story about Isaac Zamora’s mom’s attitudes about profanity.

God at Bambi – I haven’t written this yet but it will depict the time the Zamoras introduced me to the concept of God during a Disney movie.

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Other True Stories:

The Jesus Leap – This is a story about a friend I had before the turn of the century who received a message from Jesus asking him to take a “leap of faith” to prove his devotion.

The River – A near death experience when I was 15 helped put things into perspective.

Alekson My roommate pulled a knife and threatened to kill a woman over a spiritual disagreement.

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