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Anarchism is a very complex topic and difficult to explain in less than a couple pages, and I’m sure my views don’t represent all anarchists. Basically I believe the world would be a better place without government and law-enforcement. I believe police-brutality and corruption are significantly more common than most people will admit. I am an anarchist because I do not support that.

I am an anarchist because I believe governments rarely serve the greater good. I believe in equality for all humans, and I believe in an orderly society, however, I do not support forceful attempts to ensure equality or order because those attempts are almost always counter-productive in the long term.

Most people believe that without law enforcement, humans would resort to cruelty, running around killing and eating each other for no reason. However, if you look at our current state of world affairs, the number of bombs dropping, starvation, dictatorships, assassinations and hatred, I say that we as a people are already doing this. In virtually all of the cases of extreme cruelty in the world, we are doing it because of a sense of moral authority, either religious or governmental. I agree that there is cruelty in the hearts of many human beings, but we are currently giving it an avenue for growth and power that could not be accomplished without a governmental system.

On a more fundamental level, I believe that force, punishments, discipline, justice, or any other fancy, deceptive names we substitute for vengeance, are ultimately counter-productive to a peaceful society.

35 Ways Criminal Justice is Counter-Productive to Peace on Earth

While I may spend much of my writing attacking the status quo and the current Orwellian police state, anarchism to me is really about the good, kind-hearted nature that exists inside all human beings. It’s about the alternative peaceful, compassionate, communication-based ways that we can bring out the good in all humans so that we can all work together to form an equal, peaceful and free society that will benefit all of us.

What if there’s a Better Way?

As human beings we have a moral obligation to think about and to care about right and wrong. It is not enough to simply cast a few votes in elections and blindly trust our sense of right and wrong to the politicians, judges, and police, who ultimately have their own best interests at heart. It’s our obligation to envision a better world, one based on peace, freedom, and equality, and to work toward that world.


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I normally do not post the works of others on my primary pages, but the message in this YouTube video very closely and eloquently expresses my own feelings about American government.

And here is part 2 of this video.

Thank you for keeping an open mind.

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