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Kalin Ringkvist. I like my orange hat, skiing, and not shaving.Hello. I am Kalin Ringkvist; atheist, anarchist, science fiction writer, Web developer, pot smoker and kink enthusiast and former drug dealer. Welcome to my website where I write about stuff. 


This website is written and maintained entirely by Kalin Ringkvist. There are no advertisements here. My main goal is to promote anarchism, or more specifically, my theory that police, the military and criminal justice are counter-productive to the goals of society. I feel the same way about religion, but to a lesser degree.

On this website you will find my atheism blog posts, anarchism blog posts, programming related blog posts and some pointless ones. I even have a sex and BDSM blog category, because believing in freedom and celebrating individuality led me there, but I rarely write about it.

I’m currently experimenting with a free-flow strategy for blog post writing, where I let my mind flow and do a minimum of editing. My stories and articles, however, still get lots of planning and editing time.

Anything linked in the left sidebar are free game if you want to copy and use them in other contexts. This includes all my blog entries, atheism and anarchism articles. I prefer that you credit me as author, but it is not necessary. I won’t sue.

For the fiction and true stories linked in the right sidebar, I do wish to maintain basic copyrights. However, if you contact me first, I will probably let you reprint them for free.


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I post my favorite links and YouTube videos on my MicroBlog.



Against A Rock – my latest novel – free download

Art by Areille (a character in EVE Online)Floreina is a cybernetically enhanced young woman with a vibrant future in the Amarrian Empire, a decorated turret commander and slave overseer aboard an Abaddon warship, but after a cruel “accident” and the repeated abuse of slaves, Floreina risks everything in a defiant act of mutiny.

Along the way she learns that commandeering a battleship takes more than just artificially focused cunning, automated adrenaline injections, and simple, old-fashioned brutality. For her plan to succeed, Floreina must befriend a Minmatar slave.

But plans don’t always go as planned… And as the two fight for their lives, Floreina must find a way to reconcile their friendship with the racism that drives her career.

Download free PDF

Visit Against A Rock page



Kalin’s True Stories

These are true stories that have actually happened to me. I did my best to be as accurate as possible but… well… you know how it is with memory.

My favorite so far is Stockholm Syndrome, about the time shortly before I became an anarchist when I was arrested and my whole perspective on law enforcement was turned upside down.

For my atheism related true stories, one is Alekson, about an old friend who pulled a knife on someone because he thought she was casting magic spells on him, or The Jesus Leap about a friend who jumped off a bridge for Jesus, or Middle Finger Justice about a guy I knew who went on a killing spree in the name of God. I wish I was making this stuff up.

Many of the other short true stories listed in the sidebar to the right have special meanings and illuminate important issues in our society. Others are just silly, such as The Dog Trap or Attack of the Crows.





After experimenting with Christianity around the turn of the century and receiving numerous and increasingly disturbing messages from God, I finally rejected the whole concept. Now I am a devoted atheist because I don’t want anyone else to be put in that kind of danger. Read more on my Atheism page.

22 Ways Religion Promotes Crime – One of the most important articles I’ve ever written. Simple and to the point.

Science Versus Faith – A few examples of how both science and faith are used in the real world.




Anarchism is a very complex topic and difficult to explain in less than a couple pages. Basically I believe the world would be a better place without government and law-enforcement. I believe police-brutality and corruption are significantly more common than most people will admit. I have personally witnessed such brutality. A police officer once told me there is no such thing as a cop who cares about right and wrong. Another officer once told me that the greatest joy in life is the thrill of beating someone until they beg for their life. I am an anarchist because I do not support that.

I am a communist-anarchist, meaning I believe that financial systems detract from our ability to be good, productive people. In this sense, I am a hypocrite, as I am addicted to money, and my success drives me to support an anarchist vision of socialism.

For more information or a list of all my anarchism related blog posts, visit my anarchism page, or you can jump straight to one of these articles:

35 Ways Criminal Justice is Counter-Productive to Peace on Earth

What if there’s a Better Way


Old Stories

These are some of the short stories I wrote back in High-School from 1996-1999 for creative writing class. Stories of New Beginnings is my collection of Science Fiction, starting with my first story, Austin Station, a long, multiple perspective about a futuristic society and life aboard a space station.  Memory is one of my favorites, a romance between an old man and a computer-generated memory. Or Two Peoples is a tale about two species trying desperately to communicate as they race a deadly missile.

In The Water Glass Collection, I have some of my more contemporary stories, most people’s favorite being The Water Glass, a story of an old man daring himself to take his final drink of life.



Marijuana & Drugs


I sold marijuana for ten years. I finally quit after moving to Seattle for my programming career. However, I continue to smoke regularly and still see myself as a drug dealer in a spiritual sense.

My previous website was titled Get To Know a Marijuana Dealer, at isellpot.ws. On this site I basically announced my drug-dealer status and mocked the police for their inability to bust me. That site kind of defined who I was for about eight years, but it was eventually stolen by an automated spam-bot when I forgot to renew my domain name. I have posted some of the pages from that old site, such as the book that made me mildly famous in an internet niche, The Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana Distribution, but most of it no longer meets my personal standard of quality.


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    1. Is this really the most appropriate place to post this? I think your conspiracy theories might be taken a little more seriously if you post them on pages that are actually related to your topic.

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