Are Our Children Being Pushed into Prison? » The Movement

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Are Our Children Being Pushed into Prison? » The Movement.

pushed into prison


This is an info graphic that I think shows some pretty interesting trends in our criminal justice system. I think that our criminal justice system is horribly racist… well, let me rephrase that. It’s not so much racist as it is devastatingly prejudiced. It’s not like it’s run by the KKK or anything but it’s run by people who think with their emotions and when they see a black person they just think criminal because it’s been drilled into our society. This prejudism can happen to anyone, regardless of how much they are opposed to racism.

But what I wasn’t aware of was the rates of foster-care kids who enter prison. I’ve never seen these statistics before. My whole life I’ve had a hard time accepting people who make babies of their own when there are so many children living on the streets and in foster homes because I feel like foster kids totally get the shaft in our society and nobody really notices. I once argued with a pro-lifer about this issue and he just rolled his eyes and told me that foster kids turn out just fine.

The problems here are not all the fault of the criminal justice system. There are many other things at play here, but I think these statistics should tell us that dealing with people as though they are people, giving them loving homes, and a supportive community is going to be far more effective at preventing wrongdoing than throwing them in prison.

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