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YourLanguageSucks – TheoryOrg.

Nerd alert! Someone at work showed me this page because we were bitching about problems in different coding languages. My favorite is ActionScript, but for some reason everyone is hating on Flash right now as we transition to HTML5. I have almost entirely transitioned my career away from Flash and into JavaScript now, but every day I fight with JavaScript and wish oh so hard that it had been designed as cleanly and intelligently as ActionScript.

So anyway, read through the 34 problems this page lists about JavaScript, then go down to the ActionScript section. They list a total of 2 problems, one of which is also a JavaScript problem.

And I’m an anarchist, so this makes it extra ironic that I miss ActionScript so much as it’s basically owned by Adobe while JavaScript is totally open, but most programmers just don’t realize how amazingly quick and easy it is to develop Flash, or particularly Flex, projects in comparison to using other development environments.

Flash and ActionScript have such a big list of advantages over HTML5, but unfortunately the few drawbacks are pretty significant for just about anything other than graphics-based online gaming.

It just makes me sad that so many people want Flash dead when the actual development of Flash is so clearly superior to similar technologies. I feel like the internet is taking a step backward.

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  1. I hear you brother. I’m wishing the incorporate ActionScript into JavaScript because the Apple zombies eat the PR. I haven’t worked with a vector in half a year. 🙁 I truly miss the clean artistic tools that worked with your vision without factoring in CSS and the box model.

    Flash is Dead, and so is Steve.

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