Why? by Bob Flanagan

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I decided to abandon my microblog on KalinBooks and am now just showing all my little web links on the main page rather than separating them.

So this is my first video posting that otherwise would have been microblog material. Note: this is not safe for work.

I am thinking about adding a sex and BDSM category to this website. In the past I’ve avoided talking about these things because I didn’t want the strangeness of my sex life to get in the way of my expression of anarchism or atheism.

The problem is that for me, BDSM and anarchism are directly related. People are self-abusive by nature, but nobody seems to realize it, even when someone’s life spirals out of control people always try to chalk it up to bad luck or external circumstances, other than the idea that they are sabotoging themselves because they are not getting enough intensity in their regular lives. For some reason, when a criminal keeps getting busted, everyone just assumes he’s an idiot, rather than considering the possibility that he needs the excitement and adrenaline that comes from being arrested, and is deliberately, if subconsciously, seeking it out.

So I identify with this poem. I find it strangely empowering. I am one of these people who can’t live a normal, passive, comfortable existence. I need something more…

So this weekend I’m spending 16 hours and $800 learning how to tie people up and hang them from the ceiling. Thanks Max’s Bondage Intensive!

On Tuesday I’m attending a punching class and I volunteered to be the demonstration model. Apparently I’m going to be getting naked and the teacher is going to draw all over me to show locations that are “safe” to punch. Then she is going to punch those areas.

These are the things I’m getting into lately… why? For a lot of the reasons listed in this video.

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