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So on my old website, Get To Know a Marijuana Dealer, I had a little JavaScript function that put a random tagline at the top of the website every time you loaded a page (that may have been the first code I ever wrote). These were those taglines. I did come up with all of them myself. Some of them I think are pretty cool… others… well… not so much. I’m not quite sure why I feel like posting them here. They obviously weren’t meant to be read all in one shot, but something about them brings back memories to my way of thinking back then.

“Make the world a better place…”

“Stoners go to heaven, cops go to hell.”

“Automobiles destroy more lives than drugs.”

“‘Go forth and multiply’, don’t just multiply.”

“Can’t you see? We all live on the same planet.”

“Government/religion = war/opression.”

“Police destroy more lives than drugs.”

“All I want is to make the world a better place.”

“Are you afraid of what I have to say?”

“I have a right to be me.”

“Society won’t work without freedom.”

“See? It’s not hard to be open and honest.”

“Yes, it’s true: we are human beings.”

“You didn’t realize we were human beings?”

“The most famous drug dealer on the planet.”

“Writing for freedom since the year 2000.”

“Collapse of government: our only hope for peace.”

“Patriotism means standing up for peace and freedom.”

“The meek shall inherit the Earth.”

“We are all a community.”

“Anarchism: frightening, but our only hope for peace.”

“Anarchism… to break the cycles of vengeance.”

“Those who follow the rules get raped.”

“Slow down and take a look at the world around you…”

“Time to embrace communication.”

“Time to embrace peace.”

“Time to embrace diversity.”

“Time to embrace compassion.”

“Time to embrace freedom.”

“Rules were meant to be broken.”

“Keys to successful society: peace, freedom, diversity.”

“Keys to life: communication, honesty, patience, faith.”

“The peaceful anarchists shall inherit the earth.”

“Guns don’t kill people. Governments do.”

“You declared war against ME?”

“As long as there is law, morals take a back seat.”

“Time to stand up and fight for your freedom.”

“Let’s grow some balls, people.”

“Communication is the key to understanding.”

“My life-goal is world peace and freedom. What’s yours?”

“Paradigms are like snowflakes.”

“Being naked saves laundry money.”

“If you don’t think for yourself, you don’t think.”

“All people must contribute to peaceful society.”

“Your tax money is going toward killing people.”

“Ethics always come first. Not laws.”

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