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I found this article tonight about a human trafficking study in Ohio and what surprised me about it was when they said, “the most common buyers for victims were law enforcement.” Doesn’t it seem kind of backward that the very people who are supposed to be enforcing the law and preventing these things are a major contributor? Why am I considered so insane for thinking  criminal justice is counter-productive when we see things like this?

I browsed and found another couple articles about the same report. One mildly confirmed the statement about the police, though I’d really like to get another genuine confirmation that this fact is true about police in Ohio.

Then I found this article, which states, “The vast majority of the girls forced into prostitution reported that they were recruited by women.” I also found this frustratingly telling, as our society has this idea that men are the primary criminals, but in my experience among the mild criminal element, women commit almost as much crime as men. Some of the more successful drug dealers I’ve met have been women. I’ve met four murderers in my life and two of them were women, plus a third who planned to murder her father before I talked her out of it. I’ve also only met one collector of child porn and she too was a woman.

Fortunately people seem to recognize that our criminal justice system is highly racist (why nobody seems to want to do anything about it is confusing) I never hear anything about sexism, but from my personal experience it sure seems that males are treated significantly worse in our criminal justice system…

…but as usual when talking about criminal justice I am simply left confused as to why people are so convinced that guns, prisons and police are making our world more peaceful.

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