How to take a Knife Hit

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How to take a knife Hit

Okay, kids, here’s just about the most efficient and effective means of smoking marijuana. If you’ve never tried a knifer before, a tenth of a gram can knock you on your ass.

The supplies you need are as follows: two old butter knives that you don’t plan to use for food anymore (preferably with big, heavy handles, or add two hot pads to your list of supplies, unless you’re a dishwasher with tough hands). You’ll also need an empty two-liter soda bottle, and a normal kitchen stove.

Knifer Funell with ice
Here’s what your funnel should look like. Note the ice cubes in there, held in place with the bottom of the 2-liter that’s been shoved in backward.

First, take the two-liter bottle and cut it in half or a little lower than halfway. You’ll be left with a funnel-like top and a shorter base. Take a sharp knife or hole-punch or drill of some sort and cut a bunch of holes in the base, at the very bottom of the two-liter. Take a tray or two of ice and drop it all into the funnel top. Then take the base and turn it around backwards and shove it into the funnel top. It should be a tight fit, but when you finish it will stay put without any foreign adhesives. Now you have a funnel with a section filled with ice at the top, with room below it for smoke to collect. Test it to make sure it has comfortable airflow and if not, cut more holes in the base.

Next, turn one stove burner onto full. (Make sure the burner isn’t close to a refrigerator or other appliance or flammable material as it causes damage to close things when there’s no frying pan or pot of water to absorb the heat.) Take your two butter knives and place the tips between the grates on the stove top. They should both fit in so that an inch to two inches should be in contact with the heat.

As the knives are heating, take tiny pieces of pot (about a tenth of a gram or less for your first time), and roll or press them tightly into tiny compressed bits and place them on a ceramic plate or other heat resistant surface.

Wait until the burners are red hot. Next, have a friend grab the two knives as you hold the ice-funnel. Your friend scoops each individual knife hit onto one knife tip and presses it with the other knife. Pe carefully holds out the knives and you suck the smoke through the ice. Like bong hits, knifers take a little skill to do without coughing hard. It’s a good idea to make a very small opening in your mouth or teeth and suck quickly, as this way it seems easier to gauge how big of a hit you can handle.

Then you wait three minutes for the knives to reheat and trade places. Keep the funnel in the freezer between hits, otherwise the ice melts very fast.

But when you’re done, make sure you remember to TURN OFF THE STOVE.

My knifer setup using a hotplate
My own knifer setup using a hotplate and simple funnel without the ice

Knifers are my favorite method of smoking pot because they are more efficient, getting me stoned with less than half what it takes in a pipe or bong, plus knifers vaporize the marijuana instead of burning it which maximizes the THC and minimizes the dangerous carcinogens so knifers are a bit better for your lungs in the long run. It’s also a different type of high.

There are of course, variations of the knifer which might be fun.

The water filtered knifer, for example. Simply take a small amount of water into your mouth before taking the knifer, stare straight down at the floor and suck in through a tiny opening in your mouth. As long as you’re breathing in, the water won’t leak out your lips and will act as a bubbling filter. Just don’t do this until you have practice with regular knifers, and be sure to test it to make sure it’ll work for you and that you’ve got the right amount of water before taking your hit.

Another variation is the portable knifer, i.e., a blowtorch. A blowtorch will heat the knives quickly so you can just hold them in the flame with your hands (you’ll almost certainly need oven mitts or hot pads.) Just be fucking careful. They get red-hot, unlike on a classic stove. I don’t want any parents emailing me about how their kids read my site and tripped over a lit blowtorch while they were trying to figure out how to smoke pot. Remember that you owe it to the rest of the drug community to avoid being an idiot and making the rest of us look bad.

Solo knifers are easy for the experienced. Just hold the funnel in your teeth as you serve yourself. It might be easier to make a funnel without the ice, so it doesn’t get to heavy on your mouth.

Gas stoves can be used too. They might be more difficult to get the knives to stay in position however, and they heat the knives much hotter.

And finally, there’s a debate raging about the best way to pick up the knifer itself. Many people like to take one knife and lightly tap the piece of pot with its tip. The pot then fuses to the knife and the other knife can be easily pressed to it. However, I’ve found with really dry pot this doesn’t always work, and no matter how much skill you have, sometimes it will fall off and you’ll embarrass yourself. I much prefer to take both knives and scoop the piece, holding the tips carefully together to trap the piece before pressing the knives together. It takes more time for a beginner to learn the scooping action, but in the long run I feel it’s more effective than the tap.

So give it a shot sometime. And when your parents catch you at the stove, tell them you learned it all from me.


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  1. Would it be possible to do something like this with an electric lighter and a bit of tinfoil? I can’t exactly use my stove because I’m not in a smoke friendly house– and would snow work instead of ice? I mean, Canada here has a SHIT ton of snow

  2. dude knife hits are the shit i highly recamend doing them but be careful if ur not used to that kind of intense high it can make u pass out dont do it alone ur first few times just in case

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