Iran giving out condoms for criminals to rape us, say jailed activists

Another good example of criminal justice extremism. For every instance like this that’s reported and seen in the news, there’s no doubt countless more that are happening under the radar. We are all putting our stamp of approval on these types of things every time we tell our children that police are the good guys and criminal justice is necessary for a functional society.

You might wish criminal justice didn’t work like this. You might say, well those cops/prisons/courts are doing it all wrong. That’s not how it should work. But if you still support the core concept of criminal justice while knowing that this type of corruption runs rampant, even if you don’t agree with it, your are still supporting it, still putting your stamp of approval on it, saying, yes, mass rape is an acceptable sacrifice, as long as the police in my country make me feel a little safer.

Iran giving out condoms for criminals to rape us, say jailed activists | World news | The Guardian.

YouTube – Joe Rogan – The American War Machine

This is a great little video that outlines many of my own feelings about why I don’t support the core concept of government. The only issue I have with this is the last minute of the video. Everything up to that point is based on facts and real conspiracies that we can pretty much confirm, and about the emotions surrounding nationalism. The last minute he goes off on a conspiracy theory that’s based on misunderstandings about engineering and physics. I don’t agree with that, and feel it tarnishes his opinions, but the rest of the video is dead on from my perspective, so I had to post it.